Alejandro Cantarero

Head of Section - Geotechnical Department



Alejandro Cantarero. Head of Section in the Geotechnical Department of TYPSA in Madrid

What bimers whisper to tunnellers: The extension of the Stockholm Metro Blue Line

In the early 21st century, the building industry experienced major improvements in efficiency and organization thanks to computing and modelling innovations manifested through specific informatic tools, leading to the widespread application of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) philosophy. After the evident success in the building industry, the next targeted industry to apply these new tools and this philosophy was civil engineering. Tunnels were identified as one of the main elements due to their specific complex conditions, costly executions, and comprehensive maintenance. And here it is, the Stockholm Metro Blue Line taking the stage. This presentation discusses how the Stockholm Metro Blue Line Extension Project implemented this philosophy, the limitations that were discovered, the challenges faced, and the successful applications.

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