Daniel Garbutt

Critical Enablers Technical Lead - Rolling Programme of Decommissioning, NDA-i3P Delivery Leadership Group Representative


Special Session: The Nuclear Future

The British Energy Security Strategy, updated in 2022, outlines secure, clean and affordable British energy for the long term.

Part of this strategy looks to Nuclear, with plans to increase deployment of civil nuclear to up to 24GW by 2050- 3 times more than today and representing up to 25% of our electricity demand. This may lead to potentially 8 new reactors, with a change in how we deliver nuclear projects through the creation of Great British Nuclear.

To enable this strategy it is important to understand how we deal with our nuclear waste and handle our decommissioning legacy as this will be paramount in securing acceptance of new build.

The session will look at what the civil infrastructure sector can do and how the underground engineering sector can support the development and delivery of nuclear new build and decommissioning such as the Geological Disposal Facility.

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