Gino Vogt M.Sc. Engineering

Division Manager

Herrenknecht Seperations


Slurry Treatment Plants (STPs) in tunnelling – safety, performance and cost factors for tunnelling jobsites

In mechanized tunnelling operations performance, consumption and safety are primary factors for jobsites. One of the most important components effecting these factors, especially in slurry TBM operations, are Slurry Treatment Plants (STPs). Inadequate/sub-optimally dimensioned and designed STPs create bottlenecks for tunnelling operations and jeopardize time schedules and performance. Inefficiently planned STPs can drastically increase consumption figures such as electrical power, bentonite, water polymers, etc. Inaccurately selected and treated suspension properties can place a whole project at risk. This presentation debates the relevant key parameters for STPs from the start to finish of a project

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