Keynote: Mike A Mooney

Grewcock Chair Professor

Colorado School of Mines


Mike A Mooney, PE PhD, Grewcock Chair Professor of Underground Construction & Tunneling, Colorado School of Mines

KEYNOTE: A look ahead to where AI and related technologies will advance tunnel design and construction in the coming years

AI has brought significant change and created something of a whirlwind in the commercial and educational sectors in a very short period of time. The broad sector of infrastructure design and construction has, and is experiencing profound changes. With intense levels of investment in AI and increasing levels of non-traditional engagement from the private sector in infrastructure-related technology development, the tunnel design and construction industry stands to advance considerably in the coming years. This keynote presents a look globally at AI-fuelled innovation in tunnel design and construction to date, and what’s on the horizon in the coming years. The presentation also describes AI advances in infrastructure design and construction in general, as well as in sister industries where enormous investment in R&D are producing leading edge AI technology.

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