Tom Crabtree

Senior Site Manager

Wayss & Freytag


Tom Crabtree MEng CEng MICE, Senior Site Manager and Oliver Gerstmann (Dipl.-Ing.) Production Manager

Tunnelling the Scandinavian way – the casting of concrete ‘mega columns’ underground in central Gothenburg

17 concrete ‘mega columns’ support the roof of a 50m wide, 12m high, 200m long rock cavern holding four underground rail tracks as part of the Västlänk project, an 8km long drill & blast rock tunnel with three new stations, a ‘mini-Crossrail’ in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden. The columns are 12m high with a complicated geometry and cast underground in-situ with high strength C60/75 self-compacting concrete. Comprising a reinforcement ratio of over 500kg/m3, fibre-optic strain sensors and pressure cells, they are a serious piece of civil engineering and will be the focus of this presentation.

Oliver Gerstmann Production Manager, Wayss & Freytag

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