Speaker Group: Staff

Andy Hodgkinson

Andy Hodgkinson, Director, Hewsons Capping off the top of the shaft for Tideway at Carnworth Road  In late 2021 BMB JV faced significant programme challenges in completing their Carnwath Road shaft on Tideway West. The 25m diameter by 40m deep shaft was designed to be lined and finished from the bottom up using traditional methods including… Read more »

Tom Crabtree

Tom Crabtree MEng CEng MICE, Senior Site Manager and Oliver Gerstmann (Dipl.-Ing.) Production Manager Tunnelling the Scandinavian way – the casting of concrete ‘mega columns’ underground in central Gothenburg 17 concrete ‘mega columns’ support the roof of a 50m wide, 12m high, 200m long rock cavern holding four underground rail tracks as part of the… Read more »

Dr Panos Spyridis

Dr. Panos Spyridis, Professor for Solid Construction, University of Rostock Sustainable Tunnelling in the Face of Climate Change Climate change is an undeniable force shaping our planet. With rising CO2 emissions and the urgent need to decarbonize industries, the tunnelling sector faces a major sustainability challenge. This presentation explores how engineers can reduce the environmental impact… Read more »

Keynote: Nick Sumption

Nick Sumption, i3P Delivery Lead (Director, Sumption Solutions) KEYNOTE: Innovation – a force for CHANGE Infrastructure Industry Innovation Partnership (i3P) is part of Tideway’s legacy of sustainable innovation across the infrastructure sector, based on enabling and delivering collaborative innovation projects that are truly transformational in terms of their impact on Carbon, Productivity and Safety. Successful… Read more »

Eugenio Valli

Eugenio Valli – President of Swissloop Tunneling, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology  ELON MUSK’s NOT-A-BORING COMPETITION WINNER 2024! Swissloop Tunneling – A student project reaching new milestones in TBM innovation Founded in 2020, Swissloop Tunneling is a student association initiated at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich. Their aim is to significantly contribute… Read more »

Dr Renalt Capes

Dr Renalt Capes, InSAR Application Consultant InSAR – showing the way forward Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) is a space-based technology able to measure millimetre-scale displacements of the Earth’s surface and structures thereon. Based on orbiting radar satellites, archives of repeat-pass data are established that facilitate both historical analyses of past motion trends, as well as… Read more »

Dr Benoit Jones

Dr Benoit Jones, Managing Director, Inbye Engineering The route to low carbon concrete linings The scientific community has issued stark warnings about what could happen if we do not rise to the challenge of reducing global CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) emissions. To date, the scale and urgency of carbon reduction has not been at the… Read more »

Alejandro Cantarero

Alejandro Cantarero. Head of Section in the Geotechnical Department of TYPSA in Madrid What bimers whisper to tunnellers: The extension of the Stockholm Metro Blue Line In the early 21st century, the building industry experienced major improvements in efficiency and organization thanks to computing and modelling innovations manifested through specific informatic tools, leading to the widespread application of… Read more »

Keynote: Mike A Mooney

Mike A Mooney, PE PhD, Grewcock Chair Professor of Underground Construction & Tunneling, Colorado School of Mines KEYNOTE: A look ahead to where AI and related technologies will advance tunnel design and construction in the coming years AI has brought significant change and created something of a whirlwind in the commercial and educational sectors in… Read more »

Dr. Jiang Su

Jiang Su  PhD MPhil BEng CEng FICE Advancing understanding of stress distribution in Composite Tunnel Linings: Insights from case studies using advanced numerical modelling Composite tunnel linings have been adopted in major tunnel projects such as Crossrail and Thames Tideway. However, understanding and predicting the lining stress distribution between the two layers of linings remains… Read more »